Senescence and Nutrition

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / January 13, 2017

Dehabilitation or Regeneration? If one visits various dictionaries, the definition of senescence typically includes reference to the process of aging and the degenerative loss of various body functions or processes. In brief,”one who begins to age”. Age-related loss of function is a trait of virtually all organisms that age. In humans, age-related degeneration gives rise to a host of well-recognized challenges: atherosclerosis and heart failure, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, pulmonary insufficiency, renal failure, neurodegeneration (for example Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases) and various others. These changes begin to show them typically mid-life beginning in the 50-60 years of age range. From a pathological standpoint it is typically about debilitating losses of tissue or cellular function.  Read more

Be Prepared! Payments for Pharmacy Services Are Changing

In Pharmacy Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / January 13, 2017

Are you aware of the changes forthcoming to the New York State Medicaid Payment System? Your financial future will soon be “in the balance” if your pharmacy operations management system and software are not in tune with the forthcoming New York State Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP) set to implement a little over one year from now. Read more

What Do Pediatric and Geriatric Patients Have In Common?

In Primary Care By Dr. Charles Shively / February 26, 2015

PATIENT ENGAGEMENT Millennial mothers and elder caregivers know. When there is a need to provide odd-tasting medications to their children or age-challenged dependents, they go to their independent pharmacy ... and often use social media to send the success stories of how the adjusted taste improved adherence ...and re-tweet or re-pin their delight. Are you surprised that techno-elders who need comfortable tasting meds also have joined the social media? Who is the winner in these scenarios? Of course, it's the child, the mother, the elder and the independent pharmacy which provided the flavored medication. Read more

See Food Differently with Almased

In Healthcare Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / November 11, 2014

Using health-tasker Almased®, an all-natural powder blend for dieting and diabetes control, would appear to cause health-conscious users to view food differently. Perhaps an unexpected event…but true. Read more

Pharmacies, Interoperability, Star-Ratings and Automated Pharmacy Dispensing

In Pharmacy Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / November 11, 2014

Interoperability and Patient Portals WOW… pharmacy is advancing healthcare and has changed the healthcare ecosystem in the last two (2) years. Surprised? Read more

How Is It Pharmacy Automation Drives Budget Savings and Sustainability? Hospitals

In Pharmacy Advances By Dr. Charles Shively / November 11, 2014

All Pharmacies Face Budget Cuts Let’s not muck about !!! (Australian/British expression for hesitation and procrastination) It’s time to use pharmacy automation “across the board” to drive budget savings and improve sustainability. Read more

Believe It, Almased® Affects Permanent Weight Loss for People with Diabetes!

In Primary Care By Dr. Charles Shively / November 11, 2014

Believe what you read? The back of an Almased® sample packet has a number of statements that caused me…a pharmacist…to further investigate the product. Only after a thorough investigation (easy these days with the internet availability of credible studies), guess what? They are all true Read more

Another Eight Hours Please

In Pharmacy Success By Dr. Charles Shively / November 11, 2014

Do you dream? In Color? Consider this: “Last night, when I awoke from a dream, I was at my bank looking at the green ATM machine color screen. I received the message: We can’t complete your request.” What had I wanted to receive? Another eight hours please! Read more